Genre: Horror Novella

Eve's worst nightmare begins.


The American Civil War wanes into history, but former slaves are still hunted, subjugated and even slaughtered by the cantankerous Ku Klux Klan. Imprisoned and tortured, Eve's remaining hours and hope fade.


In a desperate move to save his sister, Louis reluctantly turns to the mysterious General Kyle Cochran for help. Infamously known as the Texas Butcher, Cochran is even more dangerous than the evils holding Eve against her will.


As the peculiar Cochran and one-time slave Louis traverse the wintry terrain, time ticks away for poor Eve. Will the unlikely duo arrive before it's too late? Can Eve possibly be alive after suffering such unspeakable horrors - her body beaten, broken and bloodied in the red snow?

Sometimes it's best to ignore that voice in your head.

Subconscious Lee is a modern-day tragedy inspired by the stories of Shakespeare and Sophocles. The narrative follows the journey of a remorseful serial killer named Jack who is desperately trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter, Janet. Standing in Jack's way is his own worst enemy - himself (130 pages). 

Genre: Poetry

Disrespectful like a shrieking – pitter-pattering – loathsome mouse.

Nonchalantly smacking her lips and eating my scrumptious house.

A peckish boy joins her drooling like lava flows, utterly inferior.

Consuming my home’s rough, ridged and delicious exterior...

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Genre: Poetry

Yoke of rancid milk haunts grim realities like wraiths

Foul abominations perfume therein unkempt facial hairs

Sting nostrils unabating, putrid Cabrales...

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Papa John’s, you taunt me with your seductive, seven-topping pizzas

Your restaurants merely pimps wanting an hour’s wages twofold for eight slices

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Genre: Poetry

A cowboy conundrum and yesteryear’s star

Preferred the saddle of his horse to a fancy car...

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Genre: Poetry

Apologies, but choices developed enormously flawed grandeurs...

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Genre: Poetry

Winter’s sumptuous morn

School cessations born

Snowflakes accruing, yup

Streets covered up

Powdered sugar roadways

Classless prepossessing days...

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The Odd Couple

Logline: Based on Neil Simon's play of the same name, The Odd Couple finds Felix Ungar trying not to drive her boyfriend Oscar Madison insane when she loses her apartment and is forced to suddenly move in with him (85 pages). 


Genre: Horror

Logline: A serial killer stalks young women through an internet dating website (90 pages).

New York, New York

Genre: Drama

Logline: Karl leans on his best friend James for support after his bitter divorce and his growing relationship with his ex-wife's much, much younger sister (90 pages).

The Eyes of March

Genre: Horror

A man must pay the ultimate price for the sin he committed against his sanctimonious girlfriend (3 pages).

Eight Days in Paris

Genre: Drama

Logline: A man returns to Paris in search of his one true love (21 pages). 

Sister's Secret

Genre: Tragedy

Logline: Jealousy leads to murder when Julie discovers that her sister Jo and husband Paul have been having a torrid love affair (30 pages).

Something in the Water!

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Logline: Tragedy strikes a small town when women get pregnant from drinking and bathing in contaminated water (90 pages). 

The Book Before Christmas

Genre: Tragedy

Logline: Jenny waits until the night before Christmas to buy a popular book as a gift and her procrastination ends in tragedy (10 pages).


Genre: Drama

Logline: Eight students struggle to find their places in the world, while attending a renowned university (35 pages).

The Incredible Hulk Returns

Genre: Superhero/Fan Fiction

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Bruce Banner is reunited with his longtime love, Betty Ross. But tragedy strikes when Betty is murdered by the villainous Leader at the Banner/Ross wedding. Seeking revenge for his daughter's death, General 'Thunderbolt' Ross takes an experimental new serum that transforms him into the Red Hulk. With both the Leader and Red Hulk on the loose, it's up to the Incredible Hulk to stop them. But Banner's anguish has taken him to a dark place: a "Grey" area (120 pages). *Sequel to The Incredible Hulk (2008).

Camp Blood

Genre: Horror/Fan Fiction

30 years have passed since Tina (Friday VII) survived a hellish ordeal against serial killer Jason Voorhees. When Tina and her husband Nick (Friday VII) decide to rebuild the family's house at Camp Crystal Lake, they meet fellow survivor Chris (Friday III) who has reopened Camp Blood to change its legacy. A series of mysterious and brutal murders follow. Fearful that Jason has returned, the most highly-publicized survivor Tommy Jarvis (Friday IV, V and VI) returns to ensure Jason's killing spree comes to an end (90 pages).

He's Not Going Anywhere

Genre: Comedy

Logline: A young college student is forced to move back home and live with his parents, while also reconnecting with his little sister (90 pages).

Speed Dating

Genre: Comedy

Logline: An overzealous friend tries to help his roommate find the perfect person to date (5 pages). 


Genre: Film Noir

Logline: A man suffering from memory loss struggles to discover his true identity and the deadly secret from his troubled past (90 pages).

1428 Elm Street

Genre: Horror/Fan Fiction

Alice Johnson (Nightmare 4 and 5) is badly wounded in a car accident and slips into a deep coma. Unable to wake, the former Dream Master opens the door for Freddy Krueger to return and terrorize a whole new generation of Elm Street kids (90 pages).

The Truth About Johnny

Genre: Horror

Logline: A woman searches for her long, lost father, but gets more than she bargained for when they are reunited (10 pages). 


Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

Logline: A scientific expedition unearths a new Egyptian pyramid buried deep in the sand, but what lies beneath threatens to change the course of history on Earth (90 pages).


Genre: Drama

Logline: Maximus is Rome's most successful gladiator, but his talent for killing has led him down a path shrouded in pain and guilt (90 pages).

Family Guy: Gone with the DMV

Genre: Animation/Comedy/Fan Fiction

Logline: Based on the hit television show, the Griffins find themselves dealing with the politics and lunacy of the local Department of Motor Vehicles (35 pages). 

She is What's for Dinner

Genre: Horror

Logline: A young woman's trip to a family reunion goes south quickly when she realizes what's at the top of the dinner menu (30 pages). 


Genre: Tragedy

Logline: A man becomes suicidal after being scorned by his best friend (10 pages).

Genre: Horror

Logline: A group of friends celebrate Halloween by seeking out the infamous Gurdon Light, but fun turns to terror when they come across a deranged killer instead (90 pages). 

National Lampoon's Day at the Museum

Genre: Comedy/Fan Fiction

Logline: The Griswold family spends a relaxing day taking in the attractions at the local museum, until Clark steps in shit...literally (10 pages).

Superman: Man of Steel

Genre: Superhero/Fan Fiction

Logline: Superman must battle the alien invader Brainiac, while his alter ego Clark Kent learns the incredible secret of Lois Lane's young son (200 pages). *Sequel to Superman Returns (2006).

Genre: Comedy/Fan Fiction

Logline: Immersed in the constant advertisements for Black History Month, Michael Scott decides that racial equality demands its counterpart: White History Month (35 pages). 

Genre: Comedy/Fan Fiction

Logline: Sick of the gang not pulling their weight at the bar, Frank tricks Mac into working. Frank pretends to train Mac for a karate tournament -- Mr. Miyagi style (35 pages).

Star Trek: Academy

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fan Fiction

Logline: A young Starfleet instructor Lt. James T. Kirk meets and befriends student Gary Mitchell on his first day at the Academy. On a routine patrol later, Kirk and Mitchell are ambushed by a Romulan terrorist, but are saved by a young Vulcan cadet named Spock (45 pages). 

The Walking Dead: They Speak in Whispers

Genre: Fan Fiction

Logline: Unable to defeat the Whisperers on their own, the survivors look to Rick for answers. What happens next is the unthinkable: Rick and his friends must join forces with their prisoner Negan to defeat the evil Alpha and her band of killers (45 pages). 

Smallville: Jaunt

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: Clark must team up with his super-powered friends to battle Monarch, a villain from the future who has come back through time to kill Clark Kent before he becomes Superman (45 pages). 

Smallville: Addiction

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: Clark is exposed to a synthetic form of Kryptonite that gives him enhanced powers, but his craving for the substance results in a drug habit that turns him into a dangerous addict.  And it is up to his friends to save him from himself (45 pages).

Smallville: Anguish

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: Clark is unable to save a young child from an explosion and he must deal with his grief before he does something he will regret to the man responsible, the Kryptonite Man (45 pages).

Genre: Superhero/Fan Fiction

Logline: Lois Lane is murdered by Lex Luthor. In his grief and anger, Clark Kent/Superman turns from his human nature and embraces his Kryptonian side. Superman's actions alter his destiny and leads him to become a merciless emperor of the Earth, and forces his super friends to turn against him. (80 pages).

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: Bruce Wayne is dead, murdered by the Joker. With the Batman gone, Gotham City is more vulnerable than ever. But the original Robin (Dick Grayson) returns to thwart the criminals trying to overrun the city (45 pages). 

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: Dick Grayson relives the tragedies that haunt his life including the deaths of his parents, Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd, while trying to come to terms with his girlfriend Barbara Gordon being crippled by the Joker (30 pages). 

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: Serial killer Victor Zsasz goes on a killing spree that forces Dick Grayson back into action as his superhero persona, Nightwing (30 pages). 

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: Nightwing confronts the man pretending to be the Batman and discovers that this twisted Dark Knight is actually Bruce Wayne's other pupil, Jason Todd (30 pages).

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: One of Gotham's biggest baddies Solomon Grundy returns to turn Dick Grayson's life upside down (30 pages).

Genre: Drama/Fan Fiction

Logline: The man who murdered Dick Grayson's parents, Boss Zucco, is a free man. Conflicted by doing what's right and taking his vengeance, Grayson finds himself at odds with his most dangerous foe - himself (30 pages).

Gotham Knights: Providence

Genre: Fan Fiction

Bane has thrust Gotham into chaos. The Dark Knight's most dangerous foe reveals he has orchestrated the death of Bruce Wayne. Haunted by the past, and with the mantle of the Bat shrouding his future, Dick Grayson takes the final steps toward his destiny (90 pages).

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